Apple Strudel, Adjusted Adaptation!

It was not a planned one, just that I had some excess apples to be handled in the house. The three AAAs are also accidental but convenient solution. Apple, Adjust and Adapt.

That’s what happened, when A is for Apple and Apple is for Strudel.

Adjust and Adapt for convenience is a better way to put it than to say it was innovation.

Another compelling reason was that I have not shared anything for sometime, with my friends in whatsapp broadcast group ‘Cooking Exotica & Fitness’. And some of them were asking, which is a pleasant surprise, as I didn’t know!

Making it the Viennese style needs real skills. So I took the easy way. Chappathis were available and I quickly made the filling.

Two apples, skinned and cored were sliced fine. Took a fistful of ‘craisins’ (dried cranberries) instead of raisins and made it drunk in some brandy instead of rum. Added to these were a couple of sliced Nagpur orange peels with flavedo and albedo, instead of lime.

(New words for me but apparently the orange peel consists of a thin outer layer called the flavedo and a thicker, fibrous inner layer called the albedo).

Smeared the baking tray with virgin coconut oil and applied melted butter on the inside of the chappathis. Carefully rolled the chappathis with the filling nicely spread inside.

Baked on slow heat (180 centigrade) in the oven with heating on top and bottom for about 20 minutes.

The easy and desi (domesticated) Apple Strudel was done. It was a little burned on the top but still soft and moist. Perhaps I should keep the top burner off.

I clearly forgot a sprinkle of cinnamon, but it was still good, I am sure, as I saw my wife taking a second one.

Apple Strudel, Adjusted Adaptation!

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