Wellness Series- Yoga, An Attempted Interpretation.

It’s not only fashionable, but very healthy to practice yoga everyday. There are several ways of treating this ancient wonder, which is now a worldwide health initiative.

Some of us do it as a stretching exercise, some add correct breathing regimen to it and for the experts it’s Hatha Yoga which is a forceful form centred on the mastery over the body.

We all need a fair amount of stretching exercise particularly as we grow older so that we can get that needed flexibility to carry on with daily chores.

Almost all the yoga positions involve a fair amount of stretching. And if we add a systematic and guided breathing into these positions, we can say we do yoga.

Clearly these coordinations will require expert intervention and training under a qualified yoga Master and it is the best way to get a hang of it.

Making yoga part of our daily schedule is a very healthy way of life. We will start seeing the benefits almost immediately on the adoption of this form of exercise.

Ideally we should learn and practice the following and more.

– Suryanamaskar

– Sarvangasana

– Matsyasana

– Tree Position (Vrksasana)

– Pranayama

– And some of the Mudras

Shavasana, (Corpse Pose, or Mrtasana) in between yoga positions will usher in harmony.

Those who are seeking further benefits may learn and practice Hatha Yoga under qualified masters.

Achieving at least a regular practice of the middle stage of ‘yoga’ is a valuable step towards wellness.

Yoga is ancient, gives certain amount of control over body, it’s relevant and ready to be embraced by everybody.

Wellness Series- Yoga, An Attempted Interpretation.

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