2.1 Kilometres from making history! All are not lost.

India’s moon mission is special, not as the first in the world, but for it’s cost effectiveness and detailed trajectory.

But it failed at, almost literally at the last mile which the space agency chief described as ’15 minuets of terror’.

The nation was awaiting a successful landing and the prime minister was at the command centre to witness along with the scientists. Naturally there’s disappointment all over.

But everything is not lost. Our scientists have shown that they can be effective back home and not only when they are at the famous NASA. It would have been perfect if the final success was achieved, but the footprint is clear and evident.

Most impressive is the cost which is reported to be around $135 million. Read this in comparison with the aid the country has extended to a developed country and an acknowledged superpower at $1000 million.

Congratulations the scientists, who worked on the project. We are confident that you will make it happen soon, riding on your capabilities and learning experiences. We are with you.

We are all guilty at being a bit parochial. When Dr. Sarabhai and the then Prime Minister Nehru decided on the space mission, the studied location was in Thumba a place near the Kerala capital Thiruvananthapuram. Now it’s not! Perhaps we are to blame ourselves for letting it go! Just a mention to expose some parochialism, but also showing the confidence that bigger things are certainly in store at the mission.

Perhaps the satellite, orbiting about 100 kms from the landing module, retrieve the communications to find it safely landed on the moon. A playful wish.

2.1 Kilometres from making history! All are not lost.

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