Civic Facilities And Apathy Of The Responsible!

This is not Hiroshima! This is of something happening in the area of the Refinery in Kochi.

It’s quite far from the place I took the photo. The District Collector’s office and residence are nearer to the spot. So are those of the judiciary dignitaries. And of course the Pollution Control people!

Clearly it’s not some fresh oxygen injected to purify the sky. It’s someone getting rid of toxic waste into the sky to be consumed by the people they are paid to protect.

They may have a prick of conscious, but it’s the norm. Hurt those who pay the taxes to pay them and those who elected them to wield the power. And protect the givers of fringe benefits.

Our roads are dug up and not to be repaired. And I fell off the chair when I read the Mayor staged a protest dharna in front of the water authority who are using those dug pits to lay water pipes. To us the Municipal Authorities have the primary responsibility.

Our vehicles are getting damaged in the treacherous roads. School children get sprayed with mud water when vehicles fall in the water puddles. Taxis avoid the roads. Every one is angry and no body cares.

Worse, the creative people are busy developing funny videos of the misery to be forwarded and laughed at in whatsapp groups. The sense of humour is intact. In a weird way!

And the Chief Minister Just asked for a plastic free Onam.

A new over bridge constructed after making people suffer through the construction for over two years, collapsed. Finally there are to be some arrests. It’s not at the top, but still it’s for not protecting the people who pay the salaries. Hopefully the people who performed the crime also will get booked.

We need glaring punishment as a deterrent to anyone who is about to hurt us more for personal gains.

For the time being, there is hardly any room for hope. Just anger at being left with some cynicism.

Civic Facilities And Apathy Of The Responsible!

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