Wellness Series- Suryanamaskar

I am covering Suryanamaskar as an important item in the wellness series, not because I am an expert in it, but it’s the one and swimming giving me maximum satisfaction.

Another reason for sharing this is that I am rather a very late starter to this wonderful program, but I am able to do it reasonably okay. And that my story could be a motivating one for the readers.

I don’t claim that I can do it perfectly well, in fact the chakra mudras (steps 3 and 10) are beyond me, and I do bend the knee to complete them.

For those who are new to suryanamaskar or yoga, you need a teacher, a yoga master to show how it’s done correctly. Once the basics are done, it’s just practice that improves the stages.

In Suryanamaskar one set consists of two rounds of 12 steps each as shown in the diagram.

A round indicates it’s done with one leg backwards as in step 4. That’s one set is two rounds of 12 steps each and one round with right leg and the second on left.

It’s important to do the correct breathing (inhale or exhale) during the steps as shown in diagram. In step 5 the breath is held.

The trick I use for remembering the right or left leg to use is to keep counting one set of 12 as one. Use right leg for odd numbers and left leg for even. That means I count 24 for the 12 sets.

I now do 12 sets every morning and feel having done something good.

Here’s what I got from net search as benefits of Suryanamaskar:

1. One of the primary Surya Namaskar benefits is that it strengthens the entire body.

2. Relieves constipation and promotes healthy digestion.

3. Stimulates the nervous system including the brain, lower plexus, spinal cord, etc. Surya Namaskar Yoga strongly aids in preventing memory loss, builds focus and concentration, improves the functioning of the brain. Activates Brain cells in the body.

4. It is a well known remedy to cure blood pressure and strengthens heart muscles. It also cures irregular heart beat.

5. Improves the capacity of the lungs, stimulates oxygen supply and regulates it to all the vital organs in the body.

6. Highly beneficial for improving blood circulation. Provides beautiful glow to the skin.

7. Promotes weight loss and activates basal metabolic rate of a person’s body.

8. Is a famous remedy for managing menstrual cramps and, also helpful in managing menopause stage. Due to its empowering effects on the uterus of a woman, Surya Namaskar Yoga also helps in making child birth comparatively easier.

9. Improves sexual functions of the body. Eradicates any internal flaws related to malfunctioning of sexual glands. Also, promotes healthy sexual appetite in a person.

10. Reduces strained joints problems. Lubricates sore muscles and joints and promotes their healthy functioning. Highly beneficial in managing arthritis, sciatica, other joint related ailments etc.

11. Improves mental and physical balance of the person’s body. Develops patience and builds stamina by increasing the mental capacity of the brain and the body.

12. Improves flexibility of the body and releases stiffness.

Most of all, it fills you up with magnanimous positive energy. You feel rejuvenated and alive.

Please don’t ignore it as difficult or time consuming. It takes just 15 minutes for the 12 sets. And if I can do it, you certainly can.

Wellness Series- Suryanamaskar

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