Freedom, A Fundamental Right, Most Felt When Denied

Today is India’s Happy Independence Day. The day when we celebrate the anniversary of the end of British colonial rule.

Independent India is recognised as a democracy with citizens voting and electing representatives for a parliamentary form of Government.

On that score, we are doing very well.

However, it may be wrong to equate the democratic form of governance with freedom. Freedom is at the individual level also. And it’s the most important at that level.

The duty of the government is to guarantee the freedom for each and every citizen. Of course, this is subject to well documented and judicially protected rules and responsibilities.

Freedom is violated when denied due to any reason. I wrote about the bullying on the roads by reckless buses. They deny others the freedom of free and peaceful use of public roads.

When a newspaper succumb to pressure and distort news, it’s not only the freedom of the press but also the general publics right to true information that is violated.

Then think about the interference in right to choose one’s food and belief.

We need to ensure that freedom which is constitutionally guaranteed is protected at individual level.

Freedom, A Fundamental Right, Most Felt When Denied

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