E-Book! How To Go About It!

My bucket list has a book in it. And I wrote some pages and stopped.

‘Writer’s Block’! maybe, but for a different reason. How others will think about it!

Clearly, that’s not talent. Just that it got into the bucket.

Am I running out of time. Perhaps yes and I should do something about it.

Like what?

Intermittent Fasting, Healthy Lifestyle. Well just trying to stretch that time!

And what do I do when I see real writing talent! Yes try and toss it into that person’s bucket.

That’s when we realised that we don’t know anything about getting a book on the shelf.

By the way, the stuff is already there. As snippets in social media. Just publish those stuff as short stories.

Perhaps the easy, simple way is through an e-book.

Request help. Please guide us. It may be given here or send to my email: jacobkurian@hotmail.com

Thank you.

E-Book! How To Go About It!

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