Mother Earth Is Not A Moving Target!

A dialogue in a Netflix series is worth our attention. It was about people getting worried about the environment left for future generations. The lady said something like ‘we plunder the nature and work on preserving it for future generation’.

Actually, this is what is happening. We have green groups trying to preserve what it is now for future generations.

What we need is efforts to restore what we and our previous generations plundered.

I am happy, for example, if the river I grew up can be restored to what it was when we were playing in it.

When we embrace status quo, the future generations also will do that and the visible results are not pretty.

We have initiatives in the right direction. For example, where I live, all wildlife are protected. The population of animals like tigers and wild boars are increasing steadily.

But we have tiger attacks on humans and wild boars destroying cultivation.

Perhaps we are losing sight of what is called the level playing field. The farmers right to protect the produce is to be there. Is ‘survival of the fittest’ the norm then! The farmer shouldn’t be forced to look the other way when his plants are levelled to the ground.

It’s the other way round for the defenceless like the rivers, trees etc.

I read somewhere that a businessman helped restore 60 rivers. We need similar activities around clean water, tree planting drives and other restorations, while giving an equal opportunity for those living, like humans and animals and those assisting the living like clean water and trees.

Mother Earth Is Not A Moving Target!

2 thoughts on “Mother Earth Is Not A Moving Target!

  1. It is all about the conscience, I believe. Those with some left in them are doing whatever little or more they can.
    Having said that, we definitely need to get more aggressive in dealing with these issues – lake by lake, river by river, garden by garden..

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