About Bullying and Freedom!

We cherish the idea of being free as part of our right to live. But there are constant attempts to rob us of this right.

We want the press to be free. Of course that freedom gives them the right to choose their side of views and opinions. But it’s dangerous when they are forced to think in a way suitable to someone who influences them with money and power.

Then there are bullies who infringe on personal freedom. When we are the ones to handle those bullies, then it’s upto us to bring them under control, failing of which is a misfortune.

It’s different when it’s on some other authority to bring some bullies under control. If they don’t bother to control, then it’s an infringement on the right of the people who gave them the authority.

Case in point is the buses plying on the busy roads in my hometown Kochi. Buses are driven recklessly. Worse they are bullies on the road, coming close behind and honk incessantly even when they can see the traffic and block in front.

And they keep moving left and right without signal forcing us to keep back and treat them like ambulances.

The paid authorities keep a blind eye to this bullying on the roads which they are duty bound to monitor.

Freedom can be robbed in many ways.

About Bullying and Freedom!

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