A Proud Walk Through Memory Lane!

It was the only college with a swimming pool when I was studying there, and now it’ has the best and well maintained Olympic sized (50 meters) swimming pool in the state.

St Thomas College Pala stands out any time!

True, I am a water person, not able to remember when I started swimming (it would have been a few months, if not days after birth). The river in front of the house I was brought up is a passion, and the pool in the College helped pursuing my passion.

And I was a proud alumni walking through the memory lane, while visiting there for a brand new milestone in my life. The details of this majestic entry though, I am not to reveal now and we have to wait till it’s completed.

Our Physics post graduate lab is now a research centre. The class room is still the same and not painted. But my hostel is not that lucky. My room have the same door, a new paint is okay, but the outside has a grill making it a lot less open.

We had two exits to the room, one through the door and the other through the window with wooden bars, one or two of which could be removed and restored after exit.

The door is for permissible purposes and the window for anything naughty.

The differences from then and now! Well the trees have grown enormously bigger and the the students appeared nicer.

I got a lot of smiles and greetings and I was thinking of the snidy comments we used to reserve for strangers.

This is truly positive, the new gen is of ‘hope’.

A Proud Walk Through Memory Lane!

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