Where Are The Rains! Take A Rain Check On Rains.

Monsoon starting from June 1 in Kerala has been strong usually. This year it was late by more than a week and now it seems to have gone away.

I like this South West Monsoon as it’s usually heavy and without any fierce thunder and lightning.

Last year we had excessive rains, in fact some unprecedented floods of the worst kind. Then the finding is that the floods were due to people error in releasing excess water from some 33 dams simultaneously.

The reason for the blunder is simple. The state was eyeing the rising water levels in the dams to generate extra electricity, but got frightened when the rains didn’t stop and the dams were so full and immediate release of water was required.

If rains have continued this year, the learning experience would have seen the excess water released periodically and scientifically.

Instead there’s news that the water levels are some 38% lower than normal.

And now we have the revelation, a real Apocalypse.

Some 21 major cities, mostly in India will dry out of any groundwater by 2020.

Scary indeed and the governments should take war like measures to preserve water and respect nature.

Where Are The Rains! Take A Rain Check On Rains.

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