Bullet Proof Coffee! A Healthy Cocktail?

My last blog was on Dopamine Fast and why I’m out of it.

But this one caught the eye, when a BBC coverage on it was forwarded by a relative.

Clearly it has an eye catching name. And the bullet proofing is through ingredients like butter from grass fed cow and the real virgin coconut oil.

Butter or ghee from grass fed cow is highly in demand as the purest and best form of good fat and the world is singing praises of the virtues of the virgin coconut oil.

Pure coffee is zero calorie and it’s invigorating and recommend for sustaining a longer period of fasting in my favourite Intermittent Fasting routine.

So, a cocktail of the three bests should be good. And I am happy to recommend it since I may not be the right guy to endorse it.

This is how I am going to do it. I have the machine to powder and brew a pure fresh cup of coffee from roasted coffee beans.

I need to get some purest and probably the best in the world, ghee from the grass fed and famous Vechoor cows. And I know a source.

I make my own virgin coconut oil from fresh coconut.

I will then try the cocktail but on one condition. I will have it during the eating period of intermittent fasting and not during the fasting period.

Here’s the link to the BBC article


Bullet Proof Coffee! A Healthy Cocktail?

5 thoughts on “Bullet Proof Coffee! A Healthy Cocktail?

  1. Sara Altaf Khan says:

    Do you recommend artificial sweetener for intermittent fasting? I just start to do intermittent fasting but little confused. Should I eat low carb? Or restrictions of vegetables and fruits too?

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    1. No calories during the fasting period which should be a minimum of 13 hours and better 16 hours and more. Low carb during eating window will accelerate weight loss.
      Actually the fasting schedule is like:
      0 to 13 hours, no major benefit
      13 to 16 hours- new growth hormones and fat burning
      16 hours plus- benefits of 13-16 plus autophagy benefits like cleaning damaged and waste cells, prevention and possible cure to diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer, heart problems, inflammation and even diabetes.
      I suggest that you join our Intermittent Fasting broadcast group. Since it’s a broadcast group the number and identity is not shared with other members. There’s a treasure chest of valuable information videos and articles and personal experiences.
      If ok send your whatsapp number to +91 9400056031 which is my number. Privacy is assured

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    2. Sorry I didn’t respond to some of the questions. I am not sure of the artificial sweeteners. But no sweets or calories during fasting period. Keto diet is best during the eating window. That’s more of good fat, moderate protein and less or no carbs. Having said that I take sweets, carbs and all during eating window.
      Fresh vegetables and fruits have fibre resulting in less net carbs. Some say, try and eat locally produced fruits and vegetables

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