Birds Are Beautiful

Some birds are special as they bring childhood memories to the fore.

As such I was happy to get these as part of my balcony photography.

Particularly so as the kingfisher on top is from the yester year’s and different from the one below.

The bigger rare ones used to be plenty in our hometown and they used to dig holes in the mud walls to lay eggs and bring up the family.

And we used to be thrilled in seeing through the hatching and their first flight on to the trees on the river bank, ready for the dive for the fish.

Woodpeckers are now rare and still very pretty though they have become smaller over the years.

Those bigger ones who were abundant during the childhood days were elusive and as such we didn’t have such closer relationship as we had with the kingfisher.

But they were joyfully pleasing to the eye, to see them knocking on the wood for food.

And we did see ‘Woody Woodpecker’ once while going to the school in Florida to drop the grandchildren.

The photo opportunity from the car was not clear unfortunately, but we saw the real big Woody on the tree.

Interestingly both kingfisher and woodpecker announce their arrival with shrilled chirping, woodpecker taking the cake.

Birds Are Beautiful

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