Should the Silent Majority Always Suffer!

Democracy and freedom are truly evident only when the silent majority finds it’s voice.

Here the Netflix series ‘Designated Survivor’ comes to mind. In spite of all the cleverly stitched melodrama, the episodes are examples where the masses have the say and the press totally free and investigative.

The reason for my concern, expressed in the title is a report that a builders association protested the raid by investigating agencies on the offices of one of their member builder whose elevated bridge on the highway is found insecure and defectively constructed and has been closed down within two years of construction.

The news is while we were wondering why the contractor is not arrested.

And I covered in an earlier blog, the sorry state of our roads in the monsoon due to the callous attitude of the contractors and civil authorities.

Sunu (my wife) and some ladies as representatives of the silent majority, met the Mayor and the local Member of Parliament for remedy.

They were shocked to find out that the contractor who dug up both sides of our road for laying water pipes and didn’t fill the trench properly, and the water authority, got the number of water connections seriously wrong and will have to dig again to lay more pipes.

Here also the culprits are not booked and the contractor may get new contract to dig again and ruin the roads still further.

Why these are not compelling news for the press and media to incite the silent majority to rise and demand their dues!!

Should the Silent Majority Always Suffer!

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