Green Initiative, And It Could Be Fun!

The land is cleared, but it’s not to be left like that. Our intention ought to be to see that we plant trees wherever possible. Well, I don’t have to talk about the importance of more and more trees on earth’s surface.

It’s not always easy, some people can do it as passion, some for profit and is there another way! Perhaps yes, there could be a fun element brought in to the process.

And if it’s possible, why not go for it! One thing is clear, you can’t bring in the fun element alone. You need friends, partners and some accompaniments to do that.

So, this is barren land, and suppose sufficient water is available. Then let’s see how we can fill the place with trees and make it look like the desired planet earth.

Suppose there are organisations promoting tree plantations. Well, go for support.

The location is not just outside any house. Then supervision and maintenance are to be managed. Perhaps this can be done by a group of interested people.

Are there people who are tree lovers and would get involved as passive partners. Here again, there could be many of them.

Then, if we have a number of people interested, why not some fellowship element. Yes, why not. Let there be get togethers and picnic. Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually or best, when convenient.

And suppose there are a few visitors accommodations in the vicinity! Well then even an overnight party is a possibility.

What goes with green! Perhaps wellness. How about some wellness programs added on!

The trees can be fruit bearing! There’s harvesting festivals as possibility. And of course the products fetch a price and are we looking at profit also?

Sounds like a fun plan. A feasible dream.

Green Initiative, And It Could Be Fun!

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