Hot Or Cold! Isn’t The Other Side Greener!

I like it where I am, the hot humid Kerala. And right now we are in the pleasant hill station Coonoor, wearing a jumper to escape the cold breeze.

I like it in Kochi, where the 12 sets of suryanamaskars make me sweating profusely on to the Yoga mat in the morning. And I feel healthy.

I like the pleasant breeze across the backwaters gushing into our home through the cross ventilation.

I like the swim in the pool in the evening in the warm and welcome pool.

I like the air conditioning in the car when I drive and in the room when we sleep.

I like the wellness trip through intermittent fasting when I am in Kochi and don’t have that much will power to follow it when I travel.

And here I am in Coonoor, where I don’t have the luxury of the things I do in Kochi, except perhaps the Yoga bit, which is given a pass as some basic infrastructure is to be managed.

The good thing about it is that the other side is not green, at least for me.

Well then, do we have more people migrating to cold weather than to hot climate, for holidays! Is sun better than snow!

Judgement or excuse, something to ponder 🤔

Hot Or Cold! Isn’t The Other Side Greener!

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