That’s When I Realised I Am Not 30.

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The swimming competition in our yacht club was fun. I was competing in a sprint event after a very long time.

As there were just two participants in the designated age bracket for me, the organisers clubbed us into the 30+ age bracket.

And I came fourth and was wondering why I couldn’t come first.

Then the people started coming to me, congratulating for the great achievement.

That’s when I realised I am not 30. Comments like ‘at the age of .. (well I am not printing the age) you were super’ were sincere and appreciative. And I thank them for that.

I was even presented with a medal.

The competition and the opportunity to play water polo after a long time have come at the right time. Our team won.

The sprint event helps me in changing from the monotonous endurance swimming of one plus kilometres non stop to interval exercise of fast swimming. This complements Intermittent Fasting which I am following.

And water polo gives opportunity to get involved in a group game.

On the whole, the competition has been a good booster.

I am an athlete again.

That’s When I Realised I Am Not 30.

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