I Am An Athlete Again!

I just enrolled for the swimming competition by the Yacht Club here, where I am a member.

I am competing in the 50 meters freestyle and 50 meters breaststroke events for the 40+ age group.

I do swim, but for the last several years, I have been doing an endurance training where I have been swimming non stop for one to two kilometres with a mix of freestyle and breaststroke.

But the steady pace of that swimming will not get me anywhere near the other competitors.

That means I have to train for the speed swimming. And I have just a week before the event.

So, yesterday I did 5 sets each of 50 meters freestyle and breaststroke, trying to maintain a good speed.

Out of breath each time, but I hope to get into the correct pace in a few days.

There’s another issue also. For the endurance swimming, I get into the pool using the steps, but for the competition, I need to take the starting dive.

I did dive 10 times yesterday. Here also I should get better.

I made such a huge impact and splash of water on each dive. Perhaps a good strategy to upset the rhythm of the swimmers on the left and right. HAHA.

There’s a positive also. My intermittent fasting is best complemented with some interval exercise. Speed swimming and rest after each set is interval training.

I Am An Athlete Again!

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