Christmas Pudding, The Traditional Style

Christmas cake of my childhood days had Royal Icing which used to be a most coveted delicacy. The thick whitish icing covering the fruit cake had Marzipan with liberal amount of cashew.

It was so special that one had to attack the cake without anyone seeing, as at the end of it the cake will get fully exposed without the icing cover.

When we were living in London, we were introduced to Christmas Pudding, which is actually a matured fruit cake version, but without any icing.

I liked Christmas pudding as the distant second to my childhood Christmas cake with royal icing.

As such my second daughter, living in London brought this traditional Christmas pudding as one of the Christmas presents.

And I wanted to have it the traditional way, by setting it on fire before enjoying it.

This requirement made the pudding sitting in the refrigerator for all these five months.

Finally, yesterday I tried to set fire on it by pouring brandy and lightning it. I almost succeeded and it got fire but the blue flame of burning brandy lasted only a couple of seconds and could not be captured on the phone. (The experiment was performed alone and by the time camera was focused the flame went off).

Partial success then, and I saw the traditional blue fire, but couldn’t share with everybody as it went off before the click.

Maybe next year and on Christmas Day. And with a photographer ready!

Christmas Pudding, The Traditional Style

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