Quite An Impressive Radio Interview.

I have covered here newspaper reports of a historic meeting after 50 years between Australia based Anne Boyton and India based Sunu Kurian (my wife) in Sydney Australia.

They met and spoke for the first time after communicating only through letters for 50 years.

A Qatar based Radio Station, Radio Suno, a Malayalam language station interviewed Sunu over phone and here’s a link to the Radio’s Facebook page.

The interview is in Malayalam language, though my wife has a pretty good mix of English in it.

I am quite impressed with the interview and the interviewer and the video of it on Facebook.

It’s long 17 minuets and it’s mostly in Malayalam, and Facebook account is required to view it.

It’s done quite well. Hence I am giving the link here.

Quite An Impressive Radio Interview.

10 thoughts on “Quite An Impressive Radio Interview.

  1. Pooja Trivedi Harsora says:

    Hello! I came across this amazing story and would love to interview your wife and Ms Anne for a radio show that I host in Australia. Hope I get to hear from you soon!

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