Manga Thera (Mango Bars). The Uniquely Traditional.

‘Manga Thera’ is best made from the local variety of small sized, delicious naadan mangoes (local variety), grown on huge trees in bunches.

The process takes several days with extracting the juice and spreading on grass mats mixed with rice powder and sugar and dried in sunlight for several days. Each day a new layer is spread on top till its about half inches thick.

The dried output is then cut into pieces as in the picture below.

This lasts for years and are uniquely delicious.

We have a huge tree in our hometown land and my brother brought a few for me of these lovely small mangoes.

The first thing that came to my mind was to make thera but lacked the resources right now.

So an innovation set in and I extracted the juice, added rice powder and baked. As in my trade mark, there’s no added sugar.

It could have been better with a little less rice powder, but the bars are still so delicious with the taste and aroma of the naadan mango.

The big tree in the picture must be some 100 years old and bears thousands of the small sized mangoes, with bunches sometimes holding 20 to 25 mangoes.

Manga Thera (Mango Bars). The Uniquely Traditional.

9 thoughts on “Manga Thera (Mango Bars). The Uniquely Traditional.

  1. 40andfeelinit says:

    How lucky that all that beautiful lush greenery is right in your backyard! It looks gorgeous there! And the mango bars don’t sound too bad either, mango is my fav fruit right now!

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