I’ve Voted! Hail The Right To Choose.

Voting for your desired representative in the election is a pleasure and a duty. I have fulfilled the duty and happily voted for the candidate who I think is the most suited to represent.

If another candidate wins, it’s just that the majority have preferred him. That’s democracy and in extreme terms ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’.

As an Indian, I have the unique distinction of voting in elections of two countries. This is enough for being accused as holding two passports which is a ‘no’ in Indian citizenship.

As such, if I stand for elections and when the nomination papers are scrutinised, opponents can allege that I hold dual citizenship and hence to reject my nomination papers!

The other country where I voted was for British Parliament. A citizen of a British Commonwealth Country, and legally resident in UK is eligible to vote in British elections. India is part of commonwealth and I was legally resident when I was working for Standard Chartered Bank in London.

Three cheers to democracy and free elections.

I’ve Voted! Hail The Right To Choose.

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