Holiday Travel

We just returned from a holiday in Australia and had a fabulous time there.

While there are many memorable experiences including the fact that I put on only a pound, in spite of breaking a 16.8 Intermittent Fasting schedule with sumptuous full meal three usual times throughout the 11 day travel, I am inclined to write first on the air travel experience.

Actually this is a suggestion for the airlines to look at the holiday category of passengers, slightly differently.

Airlines are good at pampering business travellers with discounts and offers to the company and miles for passengers. All good for business travel and the company even get to expense out the fare for tax purposes.

Holiday travellers are a big segment who spend the money from personal savings. The airlines would get increased business with some attractive offers to this segment, and they can do it during the lean business travel periods, which I am sure there are.

Upper class travel is comfortable, but seats are priced too high for a holiday traveller. Occasional meaningful discounts for the otherwise vacant seats would get the holidayer to put in some extra.

And for the economy, the practice is to offer fully stripped, no-frills seats at discount. That’s okay as long as minimal comforts are retained.

But in practice, some airlines tend to employ those aircrafts with seats just wide enough for a normal sized person and with limited legroom, thus accommodating maximum number of passengers who buy tickets, lured by a 25% discount or so on base price.

Such a cramped experience can spoil an otherwise fabulous holiday and the passengers tend to make a mental note to never travel again on such aircrafts.

Just a small reminder, in case this aspect is overlooked by airline marketeers.

Holiday Travel

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