Now a Tax Incentive for Going Green. And More

A good friend of mine sent a newspaper clip on Kochi Municipal Corporation announcing a tax break for residents growing fruit trees in their backyard.

I am very excited on the news for two reasons. One that I am very fond of fruit trees and second that I live in the corporation limits.

The proposal apparently is awaiting a government nod.

The detection of excessive pesticides (poison) in vegetables and fruits imported from other states made Kerala households to grow vegetables in the backyards.

That made a 16% domestic production reversed positively to 84% self sufficiency. And healthy ones for that matter.

Fruits, however did not make the grade, though one could smell chemicals on the ones brought from outside.

Now, this may be the start of a big change. It could be revolutionary as the state is home to some of the most exotic fruits that one can find anywhere in the world.

That include mangosteens, rambuttans, Jackfruit, Anjali chakka, mangoes, Kerala bananas and the list goes on.

The advantage of backyard production is on overcoming many of the challenges of fruit planters. It’s because, the produce could be consumed by the planter family and friends.

Issues like preservation, marketing, transportation etc are resolved. And people get to consume fruits without poison.

A step in the right direction.

Now a Tax Incentive for Going Green. And More

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