Maintenance of good things

I have been feeling good, looking better and have better energy, ever since I started on the intermittent fasting and allied program.

Today I am completing two months into the program and incidentally I am on my first travel outside the state involving some hotel stay. And it brings up some challenges.

The reason I bring up this subject again is on the firm belief that one needs peer support in maintaining good things such as this.

The assistance and feedback can be in both ways. For example, I have a feedback that all good things happened will get reversed once the program is stopped or relaxed.

This is a very valuable feedback. And it helps in making some resolutions. For example, I am going to skip breakfast, even though the hotel room comes with free breakfast. I could skip lunch or dinner, but then most of them are with friends and it doesn’t work well that way.

Again the point, why go back on the program! When it does good for your mind and body, continue. Don’t discount the fact that skipping meals saves money also.

So the maintenance need not be a concern. And it’s possible to improve on the program.

Perhaps that’s what I should do. Improve on the program, taking all the tips and share such positive experiences with friends.

Let maintenance be progressive.

Maintenance of good things

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