Sarvagasana, The Mother of All Asanas

This has always been a challenge in my Yoga session. My Yoga teacher used to help in lifting the legs to get me in the position.

Now I can do it myself, and I am very happy about it. Of course I am not so straight up as in the picture, but I ensure that the weight is balanced on the shoulder which is a big requirement.

This asana must be practiced either first thing in the morning or at least four to six hours after a meal. The stomach and bowels must be empty when you practice this asana. The food ingested must be digested. As such it compliments well with intermittent fasting.

These are some amazing benefits of shoulder stand yoga pose. (Adopted from an article)

1 It helps calm the brain, cures mild depression, and relieves stress.

2 It helps stimulate the prostate glands, the thyroid glands, and the abdominal organs.

3 The neck and shoulders get a good stretch.

4 The buttocks and legs get toned.

5 Digestion is improved, and metabolism is regulated.

6 This asana relieves the symptoms of menopause.

7 Fatigue and insomnia are reduced.

8 This asana helps cure sinusitis, asthma, and infertility.

My Yoga teacher insists that ‘Matsyasana’ should follow immediately after ‘Sarvangasana’. Also please get expert help if you’re starting it new.

Sarvagasana, The Mother of All Asanas

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