Book Review: Still Loved…Still Missed! The myriad hues of souls, by Mridula

Still Loved Still Missed

Title: Still Loved…Still Missed! The myriad hues of souls

Author: Mridula

Published: March 8, 2019

Pages : 78

Genre: Short Stories

With a beautiful collection of 15 short stories, Mridula is here to conquer hearts though her theme is more on souls. This first book stands out and we can expect many more such excellent books from this talented author

I read 15 heartwarming, quite clever and wonderful stories.

The author has cleverly entered into the mind of the reader, providing ample ammunition for fulfilling individual imagination.

With such clever styling, the book is ideal for the young readers, the grown ups and even older adults. With such beautiful description of nature’s gifts particularly those of flowers and pets, of love and marriage, one could say that its more for the women but for that the men have to be less romantic. The book is for all and very beautiful at that.

There is a story on nature’s law ‘everyone has a ‘destined role’. Another one is on passion, adventure and triumph even in tragedy.

Personal relationship and departure are finely covered. Sometimes stories are told by animals and things like a coracle

Once it was a word casually uttered by a stranger that gives out as to who was treating a kitten as baby. That’s too clever.

Then there is one story which I am still struggling to fully comprehend. It is a beautiful story but I don’t know why the test failed. Of course its is aptly titled ‘The Passing’.

Mridula’s skills are clearly demonstrated in the wonderful descriptions of casual items around the main story lines. For example ‘She could see earthworm castings everywhere, which seemed like chocolate pastry’.

The title story is about a coracle and coracle is dear to me as I see fishing on it everyday from my balcony. That story with the book’s title is simply brilliant.

This is a beautiful book to read.

Rating: 4.5 Stars. (5 for the first time author)

About the Author:

Mridula enjoys reading and writing short stories on subtle feelings. She was bestowed with the Most Popular Writer Award by the short story publisher Your Story Club in 2012. She is a nemophilist (A haunter of the woods) and possesses a doctorate in agricultural sciences. She works as a government official and lives with her family in Kerala.

She can be reached at the email –

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Book Review: Still Loved…Still Missed! The myriad hues of souls, by Mridula

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