Hearing Aid With Bluetooth!

I just saw this advertisement of the hearing aid with Bluetooth connectivity.

We come across many drivers on the road with their cell phones in use while driving. Worse is when some of them choose to text and are typing on the phone while on the road.

Many or most new generation cars come with phone connectivity through Bluetooth, but it’s not popular as everyone in the car could listen and participate in a conversation.

I have seen some drivers getting busy to take out the phone earphones, connect them to the phone and push the buds into the ear for attending a call. All these while driving.

In fact I acquired a set of air buds with Bluetooth connectivity, primarily to answer phone while driving or when in public places. But I am yet to start using them.

Combining the phone option with hearing aid is brilliant. In fact it can link to the TV also enabling a better audio experience.

Probably we can see increased use of wireless and hand free phone access with the merging of the purposes of use.

Somehow, the use of phones while driving must end.

Hearing Aid With Bluetooth!

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