‘Wet Pack’, An Effective Hydrotherapy.

My niece sent a video on Intermittent Fasting and Internal Cleansing which I found very informative and worth following.

One of the steps in the process is ‘wet pack’. My Yoga instructor had advised a wet pac which was only the wet cloth around the waist and covering the tummy.

Here as in the picture, it’s around the waist, head and neck.

I had stopped wet pack for quite sometime, but after watching the video, assembled some suitable clothes and after wetting them in cold water, tied them around the waist, head and neck as specified.

The video is superb, it supports the 16.8 Intermittent fasting that I follow from January 19, 2019 and shows further about cleaning the internal systems.

While wet pack is one of them, it includes enema which I am pondering over.

But when you do it, do it well.

Such a fantastic video, which is more than Intermittent fasting and better as an end to end process.

‘Wet Pack’, An Effective Hydrotherapy.

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