Extremely Yummy. Anjali Chakka

I have a post quite sometime back titled ‘ Anjali Chakka’, a rare fruit on a giant hardwood tree. And I just saw this young tree with full of the delicious fruits and hence this post.

It’s very difficult to get the fruit due to the enormous size of the tree and the requirement to get the ripe fruit from the tree, intact. If we wait for it to fall down, it will be over ripe and shatters on contact with the ground.

In our childhood days, there were people climbing the tree and getting the fruits onto a specialty made long stick. Once collected while on top of the tree, the fruits were thrown down, and we catch it in a sack with two of us holding it and and receiving the fruit with an action similar to catching a cricket ball which is skied.

Now we don’t even get people to climb the trees.

But this small tree provides an opportunity to get the fruits with the long stick and the trap at the end.

The skinned fruit can be eaten holding it up and taking them one by one in the mouth and spitting off the seeds after enjoying the delicious flesh.

Extremely Yummy. Anjali Chakka

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