What’s In A Name! Maybe A Lot! Or Not!

A recent article in Scientific American titled ‘Proper Breathing Brings Better Health’ is getting some attention in India.

In its tweet sharing the article, the journal wrote, “Cardiac coherence breathing exercises can stabilize the heartbeat and have a powerful ability to dampen anxiety” with a photo showing what Indians know better as the yoga technique ‘pranayama’.

The issue is, why it’s not Pranayama, instead of ‘cardiac coherence breathing exercises’?

Of course, the article does mention ‘pranayama’ but as if it’s something else than the coherent exercise, and practiced in India for long.

That should be okay then! One would argue, but not according to critics as the picture in the article for cardiac coherence is exactly that of pranayama.

If that’s so, it’s better to use the correct name pranayama instead of inventing new names.

Incidentally, I came across a name ‘twin flames’ to describe what it could be ‘soulmates’. While I am quite amused by twin flames but I am not with cardiac coherence!

Then ‘what’s in a name’ depends on personal preferences.

What’s In A Name! Maybe A Lot! Or Not!

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