Extra Dating Leave

I am quite amused reading a report that two Chinese companies are offering unmarried employee women over 30, some eight extra leaves for dating.

This must be due to the social concerns that career oriented people are finding no time for romance and marriage and stay single.

Or it could be that, the companies are trying to attract career oriented single people who spend most of their time working thus improving productivity.

I remember reading reports about the famous American based foreign bank in India, encouraging office romance as they would have found working colleague couples could be more loyal and work productive.

I was then in a rival foreign bank where marriages among colleagues resulted in one of them getting transferred out.

Though I was almost recruited by the American Bank, I didn’t want to try again as I was already married by then.

But it made me think, and the fact that in those days of severe competition and work pressure, one tends to spend more time with colleagues in a day than with family.

That of course was a conflict of interest of sorts!

Extra Dating Leave

15 thoughts on “Extra Dating Leave

  1. Rowena says:

    It’s really sad to hear this. Technology keeps us away from the little things that made a difference. Family, picnics…. Events that kept us socially engaged are getting rarer by the day

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  2. Recently I watched a documentary about Chinese men, due to one child rule in China, there are more single men than women…. Chinese men looking for a wife, have to go to other countries, because Chinese women have certain expectations of a married live, some Chinese men can not fulfill, so therefore Chinese men go to Cambodia or other surrounded countries in rural areas to find the “right” women to get married, where they actual buy the women for marriage. Let that sink in….. buying a woman….

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