The Ten Year Challenge

We are flooded with photos of friends, one ten years back and one now, arranged side by side in the Facebook challenge.

Someone said that it’s a clever ploy by Facebook to get traffic.

In any case, all those who have kept themselves very well, participated earnestly. And I must say that a friend of mine looks actually younger now than in the photo ten years back.

Perhaps that’s the reason why I have not posted mine. But I must say that it’s not that bad though, if you can like bald head.

Actually, I have something else in mind. The idea emerged when an ex colleague posted her early school time photo of seven friends, sitting in a row.

And when you have the same seven to be seated in the same order, many many years on, it’s certainly better than the ten year challenge.

I am searching for two photos. One the early me who was a fitness freak then also, and another one which is perhaps the cutest five, and which I have to get photographed as it is in now in the same place and same order.

Watch this space.

The Ten Year Challenge

9 thoughts on “The Ten Year Challenge

  1. Sure up waiting for this space for more….as told by Elizabeth the wedding photo of both of you and a current one of you two are not a bad idea either…. How are you Walter? All good i hope… Long time no see…Wow…it’s been ages i think

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