Mango, Queen of Fruits.

It may be the climatic change that some mango trees in our friend’s orchard in Salem had off -season mangoes.

And we were more than happy to have a few sent across to us.

On a personal preference, most fruits are in the very desirable categories with mangoes, mangosteens and rambuttans standing out.

But after tasting these mangoes, and casting the vote with the taste still in the mouth, I would say that mangoes are the best.

I am not sure how many varieties of mango are there, but some of them are definitely better than the others.

Mangoes from India are some of the best or the best of the best. Some names are Alphonso, Banganapally, Man Pasand, Chousa, Mallika, Malgoa etc.

And I have tasted some excellent mangoes from Pakistan also.

Mexican, South American, Kenyan and Egyptian mangoes are of different seasons, making it available worldwide at any given time.

Indian mangoes are mostly from April to July.

But there’s a variety in Philippines ‘Cebu Mangoes’ which are available almost throughout the year.

I may also add that I am the official family mango cutter, having learned the art from my mother.

Mango, Queen of Fruits.

12 thoughts on “Mango, Queen of Fruits.

    1. Haha!
      I think the best way is to carefully remove the skin with a sharp knife. This is tricky as it’s not peeling, but removing it with swift and fine movements of the knife to take out very small portions of the skin without any flesh of the mango.
      Once the skin is removed, I make about four horizontal deep cuts and two vertical therapy separating the flesh in sort of cubes.
      Then deftly take out the cubed flesh with knife going down from the top to bottom, lengthwise and just scraping the hard seed inside.
      Do this on both the flat sides and on the small sides also, leaving the seed to be thrown away into the compound so that it will grow again

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      1. On the streets of New York City people sell peeled mangoes on a stick. They are scored as you do, but they leave the fruit intact. This allows you to walk and bite off a cube at a time. Very nice in the summer. I don’t think I could do this very well since my knife skills are not that great.

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  1. 40andfeelinit says:

    I (in my head) proclaimed Mangoes as my fruit of the year for 2019. Last years was Blackberries. As fruit of the year I will be adding it to every dish I can, sweet or savory. It’s going to be a delicious year with the “queen of fruits”.

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