Coracle Fishing, an Effective Fishing Style.

The Coracle fishing boat in the picture above is a regular feature in the backwaters of Kerala. Local fishermen use traditional canoe boats and these round lightweight boats are mostly brought in by fishermen of neighbouring state Karnataka.

Interestingly each coracle is operated mostly by the husband and wife team. Here in the photo they have taken the child also along for fishing.

My observation is that, the small boats and the easy manuarability result in better catch in their nets.

Interestingly, they are mostly seen fishing in the water in front of our apartment where the Navy’s Vice Admiral’s house is opposite on the other bank

Local fishermen mostly avoid the area patrolled 24/7 by naval boats.

The below picture shows the patrol boat running fast, making a circle of waves and disturbance near to Coracle fishermen.

Initially we thought the Navy was trying to send them away. But now, on closer look, we realise that they are actually helping the fishermen by making a commotion in the water, scaring off the fish to run towards the nets.

There’s kindness, compassion and humour in uniform.

Coracle Fishing, an Effective Fishing Style.

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