The Richest Divorce!

He’s the no. 1 rich person in the world with a mind boggling asset accumulation of $137 billion. Jeff Bezos the Amazon CEO is not any other person getting divorced.

That’s why the divorce is different. Usually, when we hear of divorce, we feel happy, sad or don’t care. And if one is kind hearted the questions include ‘do they have children! poor kids’.

Here it’s different! The questions are, ‘will it be an equal division! is there a conspiracy theory!, will the speed of settlement be as fast as amazon delivery! how much the stock will fall!.

There’s clearly an excitement. Most are jealous of the MacKenzie, the wife, who could be the richest female in the world.

Nobody is sad.

Be fair to the couple, as they have a huge burden at hand. That’s the lawyer fee. They will have to sell some of their assets to pay the fee. It’s a chicken and egg situation.

I suggest, we could ignore the episode and we don’t get worked up on the details.

After all, how can most of us quantify a difference between $68.5 billion and $137 billion. We may not even know how many zeros are involved.

And remember, they said they will remain good friends. Of course with so much of money at stake, what else could be an option!

Doesn’t make a difference anyway.

The Richest Divorce!

10 thoughts on “The Richest Divorce!

  1. I was saddened to learn of their divorce even though I didn’t know them. Any couple who can make it 25 years should be able to make their way through the challenges of children leaving home without giving up.

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