Healthy Snacking on Nuts

Itโ€™s healthy snacking in between meals and reduce the quantity of food for lunch and dinner. Nuts, fruits and vegetables are the ideal snacking options. However, for me, the unhealthy sweets are also fondly remembered along with them.

Coming to nuts, I like the healthy way of taking them raw, rather than the salted or roasted ones.

The usual option is cashew nuts which are best taken along with some raisins. Then there are almonds and walnuts and to a lesser extent pistachios and macadamia nuts.

Cashew and almonds are commonly available in the neighbouring stores but walnuts and others are rare and expensive. As such I get walnuts from Costco in US

But this time I found an assortment of fresh nuts in Target. The jars in the photo have cashew, almonds, walnuts, shelled pistachios and macadamia nuts, all fresh and all in one jar.

Then the bigger find in Costco, fresh dried cranberries. And this pack of 1.8 kg all for $9.99. Apparently cranberries are healthy and should be a smart substitute for raisins.

Healthy Snacking on Nuts

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