Workout Reset! Search for the right combination

A Mauritius holiday, a nagging cough and a US trip interrupted my evolved exercise schedule. The side effects are visible on the weighing scale and in the bathroom mirror.

In the meantime came the new research putting interval training to the forefront as a must have.

Mine was yoga and suryanamaskar on six days a week followed by strength training or swimming on alternate days.

My swimming is at a steady speed and continuous for about 50 or 60 laps of the 20 meter pool. And i am proud of the stamina.

Now that I am resuming the exercise regimen, I want to include interval training. And the best opportunity is in swimming.

But I am quite used to the steady marathon and I love it. A change to a couple of swift laps followed by rest before the next lap would make it interval one. But I continue with the steady and continuous pace.

Of course, crossing English Channel is not in the bucket list, but still!

I need to be innovative. And perhaps Suryanamaskar is interval training, or it may not. Some dilemma!

How about some advice, friends. Shall we have an informal group of interested blog friends to exchange workout experiences and to hold hands!

How about doing that! Anyone?

Workout Reset! Search for the right combination

15 thoughts on “Workout Reset! Search for the right combination

  1. Surya namaskars are best done in three speeds. very slow where every pose is held for half a minute to a minute. This can be done with mantra. Its there on youtube.. medium pace and quick…12 rounds of surya namaskar at different speeds would be an amazing work out in itself.

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    1. Thank you Naina.
      I have a request. Can I get the privilege of being mentored on Yoga by you?
      Tell me if there’s a website or otherwise. I am very keen as I get a feeling that I have found my teacher


      1. Thanks a lot…But I am not a yoga teacher but I do practice yoga…I am just sharing my experiences…
        If I come across something relevant I will surely share the same with you.
        I share the knowledge of Bhagavad Gita in sessions I conduct with kids as well as adults.

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      2. Great Naina. Very noble indeed.
        By the way, the best and professional sounding advice I received was on your inputs on Surya Namaskar.
        I will eagerly be looking forward to any advice from you.
        Thank you and good morning

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  2. Whenever I go on vacation, I tend to perform a 4 minute tabata workout just to pump myself up. It ensures that I follow a disciplined workout schedule should I start getting lazy once I’m back from the vacation.

    You should try something like that next time on a vacation.

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