What Comes To Mind

The opportunity to discuss what comes to mind, without inhibitions is priceless. That’s exactly what is available in these blog pages.

Most of what I post here are what comes to my mind on the day or what I have encountered in recent times.

And then,clearly, the purpose of posting on practically every day is for the opportunity to discuss around it with you, my friends.

And then I may not know you personally, like your address, phone numbers, age etc. and most of you don’t know me that way. But we are some of the best friends ever.

The connection and familiarity are through what we write here. Perhaps that’s the best way to connect, through the written words.

I am happy to see over 100 of you going through what I have to say here, every day. That’s quite something.

And then, I spend time to read most of what you say here. The time is worth the investment as I get to know you more and more, better.

And learn a lot too. Not only of each other’s minds, but learn new things too.

A time well spent, an investment in the world of friendship without any ill effects of any personal direct relationships.

The only rule is: be nice.

And that’s what we are.

What Comes To Mind

18 thoughts on “What Comes To Mind

  1. What I once wrote:
    “This blog is my world. Private, solitary and uncelebrated. Like those ordinary, tumbledown houses that passers-by overlook because there is nothing unusual or extraordinary about them. Behind its walls, unseen to the world, I live. Celebrating the richness and splendour of this life in quietude. The world does not see me, but there is so much that I see and feel. So much that I am in constant conversation with myself. I write to myself. And that keeps me going.

    Occasionally, there is a visitor. When the doorbell rings, my heart soars because there is somebody at the door! Perhaps somebody who needs to warm themselves, somebody who has a story to narrate. There is nothing that I would like more than to usher them in, make them comfortable and listen to their story. There is nothing that I would like more than to see them leave with a full heart, happy and content.

    This is how I feel whenever there is a new reader on my blog. The reader is a possibility. My words are only tools to explore their minds- the aesthetic potential of their minds. I like to explore the aesthetic dimension of this ‘writer-reader’ relationship to its fullest. And that is what excites me about my blog. My blog, in itself, is a possibility. I can never predict what it might bring at my doorstep! That is how I feel about my book too. Writing is a beautiful means of engagement with the world. It makes inroads into the minds of people, and I think it is through writing that I met some of the most beautiful people in my life.”


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