The Joy Of Making A Difference In Someone’s Life

This post theme is prompted by fellow blogger Savitha’s blog post yesterday on what makes people happy. Thank you Savitha.

One of my ex-bosses is a good example here. Judged by his social media communications, his most profound experiences, connections and happiness were when he was heading a charity organisation.

That’s interesting, it’s this noble activity of making a difference in needy lives, which is giving the greatest experiences and satisfaction.

Of course, it’s not easy to excel in such a sacred area which we can say ‘where angels fear to tread’.

I would want to be like him, but doubt my ability to do so. I can however be a passive operator, contributing some money to my ability to such great efforts as my boss’s.

I am saying this, as I feel greater happiness if I am to make a person in need, smile. To be able to make a positive difference in a life is priceless.

There’s another thing also, of which I am a living example. In Malayalam, my mother tongue, it’s ‘kodukkum thorum eridum’ ( it multiplies when you give).

I have an addition to this. Fulfill the wishes of your parents, if you’re capable of doing that.

Following the above two will bring happiness, peace of mind and prosperity and more importantly the satisfaction of making a difference in people’s lives.

The Joy Of Making A Difference In Someone’s Life

16 thoughts on “The Joy Of Making A Difference In Someone’s Life

  1. Just to add to it. Daily life, in itself, offers a lot of opportunities for ‘giving’. We don’t need to wait for that one big opportunity or platform. I think the numerous little opportunities collectively could sometimes make a larger difference! This blog, in itself, is such an opportunity that you are utilizing well!

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