Gallup Survey and CliftonStrengths

My most favorite mentee is a post graduate student in a US University. As part of graduation studies, she took the Gallup Survey on CliftonStrengths. That’s when  I got some exposure to the assessment technique and find it so valuable for students, workers, professionals and organizations.

Interestingly there’s a large coverage using the assessment and many of you may be familiar with it. Basically it assesses top 5 themes for a person, gives a shared theme description and elaborates where the assessed stands out. Brilliant

In fact I myself got deep insights into the strength of the mentee after going through the very elaborate survey details. And I am more impressed by the young person.

Ideally the best time to take the assessment is when you are finishing studies. That’s when a dashing and brilliant youngster has most fire in the belly, a new perspective to life and is ready for the plunge.

Important details that I gathered on CliftonStrengths are:

“Students succeed when they discover what’s strong in themselves, instead of focusing on what’s wrong.”

“Gallup research finds that people who use their CliftonStrengths are more engaged and productive at work and 3x more likely than others to have an excellent quality of life”.

“The best managers boost individual and team performance using CliftonStrengths”.

“A strengths-based approach is essential for creating an exceptional workplace culture. That’s why more than 90% of the Fortune 500 companies use CliftonStrengths”.

A great method indeed.

Gallup Survey and CliftonStrengths

10 thoughts on “Gallup Survey and CliftonStrengths

  1. Thanks for this thought-provoking post. I have read it somewhere during a psychology course, but frankly, don’t have hands-on knowledge. Wonderful that you took the test. If okay, please share the accuracy, based on your test result. If there is some online link to assess ours, please share.
    By the way, I am following your blog, but was wondering why there are no posts. I even checked your blog and saw that apple-watch post.
    If you know, if someone clicks on your name, your apple -watch posts comes. We can see the latest posts only by clicking your name on the side. Hope you had a fabulous start this year!
    Belated wishes! (I was busy with many things too).

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    1. I hope the posts not visible issue will get sorted. I will also do some research.
      By the way the test and results are of the student I am mentoring. The detailed results help me to understand her better, and for that matter for her prospective employers.
      I just thought about being an agent to get the tests into Indian and middle eastern universities and organisations.
      Just a thought

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      1. I am sure they have very strict quality controls etc. in US Gallop conducts the survey. Here someone like ACNielson would be required. Maximum we can do is to become a facilitator

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