Coping With the Weather

The question comes up when you’re on a holiday. That’s because you have a choice when you plan the holidays.

But Christmas gathering has no such choices. That’s when you have already decided on the gathering spot.

Dallas is cold in Christmas time. Well not as cold as the many other places where temperatures tend to go very low.

What I am talking here is about coping with the cold. There are a few things to my mind.

For one, the temperature reading is not a true reflector. Weather in the early double digits in Celsius could become difficult to bear when there’s breeze or rain.

I am reminded of my London working days. The train station was a kilometre walk and parking at the station was not always guaranteed.

So an early morning walk in the winter, in windy rain was tolerated better as there was the purpose of going to office.

And I am okay with the hot and humid Kerala weather.

Looks like, it’s all a state of mind and just adjust.

Coping With the Weather

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