The First Thorns of Knowledge

DMA, Dallas Museum of Arts is quite a unique place. A reflection of true philanthropy by Eugene and Margaret McDermott, (Eugene co-founded Texas Instruments) the vast facility has collections including works by Van Gough, Picasso and Monet.

I am sure it’s a must visit to art lovers. Even I was thoroughly impressed by the collections from all over the world.

I must also tell you that entry is free and wifi too comes free.

Perhaps there’s a qualified art lover in me. I am so taken into the above oil on canvas by French artist Hughes Merle (1823-1881). Frankly, I never heard of him, but this one is quite something.

Look at the expression of the child with her mother trying to teach her alphabet. First Thorns of Knowledge indeed!

Then we went to see the adjacent Nasher Sculpture Centre. Well this one is for the real artists and very proclaimed art lovers. Of course, my opinion has no reflection of the $ 10 entry fee.

Back to my favourite painting, dedicated to all innocents being imparted with the first Thorns of Knowledge. Priceless capture.

The First Thorns of Knowledge

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