Jet Lag and Sleep etc. Disorders

I am now awake in my new time zone when it’s sleeping time for everybody. But it’s awake time where I was a couple of days back.

Jet lag apparently is a sleep disorder due to rapid crossing of several time zones, usually in a jet plane. It’s a physiological problem and thankfully self correcting.

Actually it’s more than just a sleep disorder. Particularly for someone like me, who has a sleep problem, whether you are in a jet plane or stationery at your place.

What about eating and hunger. Think about some people I know, who eat on the dot, at least three times a day. Are they going to adjust their watch to that dot eating time and eat in the new place?

Here again, I am not really affected because I believe in snacking many times a day and do not have fixed schedule.

The real problem is something different. Especially when you plan and save money by renewing your TV, media and other subscriptions. When you are good at that, your connections back home get expired by the time you land by the jet plane.

And, don’t underestimate the call centers. They feed your number on the auto dialer and the phone rings in the new time zone, relentlessly to make it a jet lag to the word.

But then, humour has no limits. Have you heard your visitor from Mumbai, telling you in Kochi that he’s jet lagged!

I must say, I was with some energy to go straight to office after a 12 hour flight from London to Harare in Zimbabwe. A time difference of just one hour and the upper deck of British Airways Boeing 747, with no children allowed to disturb any sleep, helped.

Jet Lag and Sleep etc. Disorders

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