First Few Steps- And a Dream

I have taken the first few steps to the much discussed (here) dream plan of planting and tourism project.

My daughter is the architect and she’s briefed on the requirements. This will be discussed in detail when we will have the Christmas get together.

All of the dreams in the plan are to become dreams come true. Those include

– Plant fruits and spices trees adopting modern techniques and varieties

– Build a holiday home for tourism also

– Build a water body, storing natural rain water in the tank created by extracting rocks for building and boundary fencing.

– Plan aquaponics (growing fish and vegetables using a recycling/ cleaning/ fertigation process)

– Plan for fish spa and Koorichatty (refer my post with the same name).

I am mentioning these here with the intention of getting friends involved for possible get-togethers and other ways of participation. That’s one real reason why this is important.

I will have more on these in future posts and for continuity it will be the Koorichatty series.

First Few Steps- And a Dream

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