Friends, Friendship and Happiness

Facebook is compiling a short video of your most liked posts for the year.

I just saw mine and shared it also. Facebook prompted me to say something about the video and here’s what I wrote.

“Thank you all for touching my life beautifully this year!”.

I have 1114 Facebook friends but more here on WordPress. Moreover I follow many more of you here.

Talking about numbers the 3632 connections in LinkedIn take the top position. But that’s mostly business and professional connections.

I think WordPress also gives some statistics as one of my friends wrote ‘you are my number one commenter’.

Irrespective of all these statistics and memories, blogs here make us feel very intimate with the bloggers. This must be because of our ability to freely open our minds, hearts and souls without fear and inhibitions.

I have some of my best friends, mentees and I even found a mentor here.

Then what about soulmates. When I say yes, please don’t raise eyebrows, just read my posts.

“Soulmate…… a definition that changed all”

“A Place Where Soulmates Hide”

Please connect on Facebook with me on the link below:

Friends, Friendship and Happiness

12 thoughts on “Friends, Friendship and Happiness

  1. I was reading about the first results of the India elections this morning. Do you have a way that you hope things turn out? I am very new to Indian politics and was fascinated by the complex system of the elections.

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