A Morning Routine

I have a ‘feel good’ morning routine. I wish good morning to an exclusive list of friends. I do this everyday.

Of course, I have told them that I am not expecting them to take time to respond and just that I get a good feeling in wishing them.

They are from different regions and for some of them it’s evening when I wish in the morning.

I use mostly Instagram DM for this and a few of them on whatsapp.

If I briefly describe the benefit of doing this, it’s the priceless feeling of being with close friends.

There are a few more I want to add to the list, but they are not on Instagram or Whatsapp. Actually I don’t know if they are there.

This morning routine is a good start to the day. And in fact I get motivated to post something here practically every day after greeting friends.

By the way my Instagram account is: kjacob125 and whatsapp +91 9400056031

A Morning Routine

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