Art, Artist and Art Lover

This is coconut broom, made from the thin stem of dried coconut leaves and used for cleaning sprawling compounds of Tharavad houses in Kerala of leaves fallen at night from the surrounding trees.

Bold housewives used them to discipline the drunken husbands as the imprint of an effective beating will be shown on the back of the shirtless toddy shaap regular.

Though I am the self proclaimed Walter Mitty with many managed daydreams, real dreams sometimes happen.

Last night’s was interesting, I was in a painting competition (competitive exams still rank high in my nightmarish dreams) and I saw the broom sitting on the side.

I took it, dismantled it into seven bunches and dipped each bunch into one of the colours of VIBGYOR. Then the bell sounded to announce one minute to end.

Remembered acing a strategy training in standard chartered bank where the trainer asked us to make a flying object with paper and fly it onto the screen fast. Not a skilled person in paper craft, I crumbled the paper and threw onto the projector screen. My project implementation skill was the focused subject for the 5 days of training.

I gathered all the seven bunches back in random order and ran it on the canvas when ‘stop’ siren was heard.

It was a crowd of examiners, contestants and others around my broom art with uuuuus, ahhhhas and wowwwws.

My words then, “you are artistic if you see a difference in nude and naked”

Art, Artist and Art Lover

10 thoughts on “Art, Artist and Art Lover

    1. No Adithya, that was a dream. A real dream while asleep. This exam/ test thing follows me like nightmare. This is probably one of the good dreams. Sometimes I see that I am in the exam hall writing and then realise that I haven’t worn any clothes.
      It’s quite weird

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