Jackfruit- Dwarf Varieties

Jackfruit trees are giant sprawling ones growing to 30 to 40 feet high over a period of time. In addition to the coveted fruit, the hardwood itself is in much demand.

Grown wild, the trees were not much talked about till recently when it has been elevated to a health food.

The resultant rush prompted introduction of early fruiting and dwarf varieties. Here we have one of them yielding fruits in just under two years.

The limited height of the trees which at the same time produce good quantities of fruits, solves one of the difficulties of getting the fruits from tall trees.

I am seriously considering to plant some 300 of them along with my farming plans. The rush I mentioned will create a market glut and small scale production of some longer lasting delicacies like chips and sweets could overcome the risk to a great extent.

I have in this site posted my experiments with them as part of my Cooking Exotica & Fitness program

Jackfruit chips

Chakka undas (jackfruit balls)

Jackfruit- Dwarf Varieties

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