Seasonal Indisposition

This is perhaps the season when people get a cold, cough or fever. This is not because of location I think, as I have seen this around this time in Philippines, HongKong, London and Kuwait where I lived and in USA where my daughter is.

And I have observed that a practice of drinking fresh lemon squeezed in warm water with or without honey was giving the resistance and protection.

The lime juice practice was discontinued for the last few years as I was fortunate and proud of not falling ill for that period. Not a single sick leave and no cost to insurance company.

Then it has came back. Soon after return from Mauritius with a day’s stopover in Bangalore, I am now nursing a bad cough.

Holidays interfered on my workout routine and six pack plans, and the coinciding indisposition is quite annoying.

Sometimes I feel that I am a spoilt brat, poor patient and quite immature in handling the situation without irritating others.

But then, and after all, the quite enjoyable morning lime should not have been given a miss.

Seasonal Indisposition

8 thoughts on “Seasonal Indisposition

    1. Hey, that’s a surprise. Thank you for identifying and now we’re well connected here.
      Yes I just had my lemon and honey in warm water. Thank you for the concern and loving tips 😊


  1. Sorry that germs got you down. I read an interesting story in the New York Times this morning about how farmers all over India are connecting through various WhatApp sites. Of course I thought of your coming plantation.

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